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PF WORLD 2019 is two days of networking, learning and business building. Day 1 (the conference) is the “What” – featuring speakers, panels and other presentations with the goal of educating you about the payment facilitator market and the economics of becoming a payment facilitator. Day 2 (the PF Academy) is the “How” – diving deeper into topics related to operating a PF business.


Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
Santa Clara, CA

April 2 & 3, 2019

The Payment Facilitator Industry is Set to Explode!

Who Should Attend:

Leading research projects that by 2021 SaaS providers and ISVs will reach a half a trillion in gross payments volume, generating $4.4 billion in revenue. Want in?

You’re not alone. Whether you’re just getting your software company off the ground or looking to capitalize on your current payments product, PF WORLD is designed with your unique challenges in mind. There’s no other payments event that focuses entirely on the needs of SaaS providers and ISVs. Reserve your seat now!

This Year’s PF WORLD is Twice as Nice.

Unique format includes both a conference and a PF Academy:

We’ve added an extra day this year to bring you double the insights and twice as many actionable takeaways for becoming a payment facilitator.

Day 1: “The What”
This is our conference day. Panels, Q&As and networking with top names in the business will take center stage. You’ll get a clearer picture of the payment facilitator ecosystem as it stands today, where it’s headed in the future, and most importantly, where your company fits into it.

Day 2: “The How”
Think PF Academy, where we roll up our sleeves and dig into all the critical aspects of how to become a successful payment facilitator. You’ll learn about risk factors and how to overcome them, card brand rules and what they really mean, underwriting, transaction monitoring, integrating with your processor, and so much more.

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PF WORLD 2019 Keynote Speaker – Osama Bedier

Osama is the founder and CEO of Poynt. An Egyptian-American entrepreneur and investor with a deep passion for improving lives through technology, Osama has spent the last two decades pioneering consumer internet, e-commerce and payments services. Prior to founding Poynt, Osama served as the Vice President of Payments at Google where he created Google Wallet. Prior to Google, Osama spent nine years running product and engineering at PayPal, building and scaling much of what made them a household name. He has also held engineering leadership roles at eBay, Gateway Computers and AT&T Wireless. Osama actively invests and advises many fintech start-ups mainly through NYCA partners.

You Don’t Want Miss This Great Event

There are limited seats available for both the conference and PF Academy so register today